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Main Poke Rom News

pokemon yellow romPokemon Stadium is expected to be out March of 2000. Pokemon Stadium will acutely be the same as Pokemon Stadium 2 soon to be released in Japan. Pokemon Stadium will come with a GB that plugs into your controller and lets you load your favorite pokemon from the Red & Blue version of pokemon from your gameboy, also you will be able to play your Red or Blue version game on your N64 but it will be limited to the same graphics just in better color. In Pokemon Stadium there are many different types of game modes you can play here are some of them:

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  • Tonikaku Battle
    This mode is easy to play even if you're not familiar with the Pokemon titles. This is a kind of
    learning mode, to break you gently into the game and teach you the basics, so you can later
    graduate to training and fighting with your own monsters.

  • Event Battle
    The Pokemon league mode, set against a time limit. The two settings you can control are the
    "fight time-limit" and the "technique-entry time-limit." Fights can be set to last from 5 to 90
    minutes and you can give yourself (and opponents) anything from 10 to 90 seconds in which to
    enter their next technique (fighting move) -- a 10 seconds isn't too long! If you're both still
    standing when the fight time runs out, the monster with the most HP remaining wins the bout.

  • Research Mode
    The mode that allows you to organize a Pokemon album and swap monster data with your Game
    Boy. Plug the Game Boy Pokemon cartridge into the 64GB Pak and load the monster data, then
    view the monsters in full polygonal 3D and send them into battle.

  • Winner's Castle
    The tournament mode which sees you do battle for six trophies. Pit six of your monsters up
    against six of your opponents at various difficulty levels.

  • Chibbikko Club
    There are nine types of mini-games in this mode. Like the regular battle mode, you don't need
    detailed knowledge of the Pokemon universe to enjoy them. You can participate with up to four
    players, and you don't even need to use the Game Boy cartridge to play this mode. If there are
    fewer than four of you playing, the CPU makes up the numbers.

  • Free Battle
    A tag-team battle mode for up to four players, this mode is the sequel's star attraction.
    Pitching players in a 2 Vs 2 tag-team match, each person gets to choose three of the fighters
    for the team of six. With up to 12 different types of Pokemon in the field, it's essential to
    have a good all-round knowledge of the different monsters' capabilities.

  • GB Building Pokemon Stadium Rom Download
    The same as in the last game. Here, you can play the Game Boy version of the game using your
    N64. Essentially, the GB Building is a software emulator that displays the action of the Game
    Boy game on screen in limited color, similar to a Super Game Boy. Remember that it will only
    play Pokemon games, though.

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Pokémon Yellow Rom

pokemon yellow romIn Pokémon Yellow , Pokémon will evolve at different levels in the game, and certain TMs will be reassigned to different Pokémon. Also Jesse and James from Team Rocket (who didn't appear in the Red or Blue games) are scheduled to make guest appearances. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Pokémon Yellow Version is that you'll be able to make stickers of your Pokémon using the Game Boy Printer. Pokémon Yellow is scheduled to be available October 18, 1999.

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