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pokemon blue romOk i know that pokemon yellow rom is out and now you can get the english version rom. the reson i havent added it yet or have worked on this site much is because im working on a new better site with more room so once that up ill put a link 2 it on this page but if you rather have it sent 2 you just write me with the subject being the new web page and ill send you the url but I would really like some fan art I have gotton some but need more so please send me some (send them here)

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pokemon red rom November 12 Mewtwo Strikes back is expected to be in theaters across America. "Pokémon The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back" is an epic adventure featuring the debut of new, bio-engineered "Super-Pokémon," whose powers rival those of the existing creatures, creating exciting new plot twists and turns. The new Pokémon appears in this film for the first time in any format; it cannot yet be seen on television or in any video game. A 22-minute short subject, "Pikachu's Vacation," will precede the feature. In addition to Mewtwo, four brand-new Pokémon will appear in "Pikachu's Vacation."

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pokemon yellow romIn Pokémon Yellow , Pokémon will evolve at different levels in the game, and certain TMs will be reassigned to different Pokémon. Also Jesse and James from Team Rocket (who didn't appear in the Red or Blue games) are scheduled to make guest appearances. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Pokémon Yellow Version is that you'll be able to make stickers of your Pokémon using the Game Boy Printer. Pokémon Yellow is scheduled to be available October 18, 1999.

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